Ostec360 SOC

Protect your revenue, innovate with confidence and reduce cyber risk.

Ostec360: Simple | Flexible | Easy

Prevent, Detect, Respond and Recover from cyber attacks
across your entire digital landscape

Know and monitor the security risk posture of your organisation. Get ahead of the attacker by being proactive and preventing attacks before they are even initiated.

We make sense of your data wherever it resides, and process them to give you immediate insights into threats your security defenses may have missed or are incapable of seeing. Eliminate false positives by quickly understanding what happened thereby increasing efficiency, reducing time to respond, and avoiding burnout.

Arm yourself with the capacity to stop advanced threats and attacks almost immediately eliminating bottlenecks in traditional solutions.

Your ability to recover in the event of ransomware and other attacks is critical. We protect your data so you can securely return to normal operations after a cyber-attack. Our world-class technologies enable us to always retain a clean copy of your data.


We offer a free cybersecurity service to our customers providing them with threat intelligence and notifications when threats are detected including recommended mitigations.

Service Portfolio

Confidently adopt the technology you need to be competitive, profitable and efficient

Ostec360: Simple | Flexible | Easy

Acquire the technology your business needs to grow
and thrive today and

Ostec360 Connect

Contains all the network needs of a typical office delivered in a box. Securely connect your business systems, devices, users and enhance customer experiences with free guest Wi-Fi. This package is ideal for businesses of all sizes; branch offices, single site corporate offices, hospitality, Education and Healthcare verticals. Bundle includes: Internet, CCTV, Wi-Fi, Switches and PCs. Security and Web / Video conferencing can be added at extra cost to the package.

Ostec360 SDWAN

Specially designed package to address common branch connectivity difficulties experienced by many customers. Ensure peak application performance to power digital transformation and enhance customer experience while reducing cost. This bundle includes: Connectivity (LTE, MPLS, Internet), Security and Edge devices.

Ostec360 Secure

Protect key assets from cyber-attacks by securing your perimeter. Service is delivered in a cost-effective payment model. The bundle includes: email security, network security and endpoint security.

Ostec360 SOC

Operating from our SOC in Accra, our team of experienced experts utilize best in class security technologies to detect and respond to cyber threats in your environment.

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